Review: The Duke of Desire

The Duke of Desire
The Duke of Desire by Darcy Burke
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Every once in a while, I read a book that surprises me not only in how the characters are projected throughout the story but also the plot to the story. This is one of those books.

Sebastian started out as someone that drew my attention but I wasn’t quite in like with his character. As the author developed the story I began to feel compassion for his life, who he was and why he acted as he did. The author gives a clear picture of who this man really is and invites the reader to change their mind about him. There is much more that I would like to say about Sebastian but I find it hard to not give away the story.

Ivy, I really liked this woman right away. I felt drawn to her and how she ended up as a lady’s companion. Plus, her adversarial dialog with Sebastian was entertaining and extremely amusing causing me to laugh many times throughout the story. I felt that her character, kindness and forthrightness lead to a very interesting story with added twists.

This story also brings in many secondary characters who not only cause upheaval but open other plot components for added interest for the reader.

I give this 4 stars for the uniqueness of the plot and characters.

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